Okay, so I got inspired by the title of 1001 nights’ collection of folk tales I grew up on. The reality is, I probably could come up with that many ways to increase your sales conversions. Most would simply be variations of each other.

Plus, who wants to try that many ways to increase their sales conversions?

My point is, you don’t need 1001 ways to increase your conversions, you just need a handful of methods that WORK.

Here are 31 ways to increase conversions – also known as making more sales with the exact same traffic.

Most people are not likely to buy right away so you need to reach them several times before they pull out their wallet and make a sale.

Depending on what you are selling, some of these tips may or may not apply to you.

1. Choose the right business model. You need the right business model to increase conversions. If you are offering your own services, then you can't scale your business because you are trading time for money. You need to have a tiered product mix starting with lower pricing and increasing in value to address your audiences' growing needs. You will most likely lose money on the first sale to acquire the customer, but once they have bought from you once, and they love your service and what you have to offer, they will come back for more.. The best customers are repeat customers.

2. Choose the right products. If you are an affiliate then focus on promoting proven products that are high in demand, have high profit margins and pay out high commissions. The price of advertising is going up and you need to have high commissions to afford that cost. Add High Ticket Affiliate Marketing to your offers.

3. Automate your customer acquisition process. You need the right sales funnels set up in place and have an automated email follow up system that allows you to reach your target audience 24/7 on autopilot. If you are still doing everything manually… well, then your results can only match how fast you can sell one on one.

4. Use a product image. For example, if you’re selling an ebook, you might think you don’t need a product image. Not true. A good e-cover can literally double your conversions, and it doesn’t cost all that much to get it done, either. If you are selling a digital product, then go to sites like www.fiverr.com and get a cover and 3D image made to use in your marketing. People are more likely to buy or download your offers if they can see them.

5. Simplify your sales page. If there are too many distractions and different things going on, people will get confused and leave. The best performing pages are usually the simplest ones with the least amount of clutter.

6. Use a different image. Make good use of images. Marketers forget that the image you use (or don’t use) can be almost as important as the headline, especially if it appears above the fold. Test out different images and see which one works better.

7. Change the headline. Test, test and test again. Even a small change in the headline can sometimes make a big difference.

8. Use catchy sub-headlines. One long block of copy generally won’t be read, but if you break it up with sub-headlines that catch the eye and get people reading, you’ll do a lot better.

9. Use bullet points. Use bullet points to outline benefits, features, problems solved and so forth. People love bullet points and read them. Most people skim content, they don't read the full page word for word.

10. Have a call to action. Unless you ask for the sale, don’t expect people to knock on your door and hand you their money.

11. Test different calls to action. Sometimes even a tiny change on a button can make a big difference. For example, one business changed their call to action from “Buy now” to “Grab your copy now” and saw a 12% boost in conversions.

12. Make your landing page direct and to the point. Too much content on a landing page can kill conversions. At the same time, not saying enough can have the same effect. The goal is to say just enough and not more. Test, Test, Test.

13. Don’t ask for the sale too soon. You’re walking a fine line of knowing when to ask for the sale and when is too soon. Test to see what works best. One company saw a 220% increase in sign-ups when they removed the signup call to action from the top of the page.

14. Use a single column for your signup form. People are more likely to fill it out if there is one column versus two.

15. Use product videos. Adding a short video for each product can boost sales dramatically, if done well. Video is one of the best things you can invest in.

16. Add more content to the middle of your sales funnel. Use case studies, offer e-books, more emails and so forth that push people down your funnel and to the sales page.

17. Add proof to your home page. For example, testimonials, research, testing and so forth.

18. Use red for urgency. On your call to action buttons, use red to help you convey the message that time is short. For example, “Only XX copies left,” or “Only XX hours left.

19. Reduce form fields. The more fields your prospect needs to fill out, the more likely they will leave without buying. Only ask for the information you need. You can always get more details from them later when you ask them to register after the sale.

20. Add live chat to your sales page. When potential customers can ask questions, they feel a lot better about making the purchase. As I focus on affiliate products, I don’t personally have a chat on my sales pages, but most of the programs I promote do.

21. Feature a discounted price. If you are offering a discount, feature it prominently with a nice discount sticker. Most people love getting a deal.

22. Change the way you present your pricing. Never hide your prices. If people can’t readily find it, they’re likely to leave. Test placing the price at various locations on your sales page and see which area resonates more with your target audience.

23. Add a phone number to your site. Want to make your customers feel secure? Let them know there is a real person they can talk to. Most people will never call, but they like knowing they can if there is ever a problem.

24. Using a video? Test thumbnails. The right thumbnail can greatly increase clicks on your video. Test out various thumbnails, some with photos, some with text, some with a combination and see which ones get more views.

25. Improve your value proposition. A value proposition explains how your product solves your customers’ problems or improves their situation, delivers specific benefits and tells the customer why they should buy from you. Because as Dan Kennedy, one of the top marketing gurus, once said: “if you can describe your customers problem better than they can, they are more likely to assume you have a solution.”

26. Increase the size of your call to action buttons. Sometimes the bigger the button, the more likely people will click. Bigger is in most cases better.

27. Use photos of real people, not stock images. Stock images LOOK like stock images and do nothing to help you make the sale. Instead use your own images of real people doing real things. Some of the best performing ads use photos of everyday people doing everyday activities. This works great, specially if you are promoting your services

28. Forget step-by-step tutorials. If you’re in sales mode, then sell. A short 60 second overview of your product or service will be more effective than a 5 to 10-minute tutorial.

29. Focus your effort and money on your best traffic source. Look at where your buyers are coming from, and then ramp up that source to send you more traffic and more buyers. Too often we try to focus on all the traffic sources at once, when in reality just one or two sources are providing us with 80% of our buyers.

30. Use a guarantee seal. It’s such a small thing, yet it can make a significant difference. If you don’t have a guarantee seal on your sales page, add it. Make it big enough that people cannot miss it.

31. Back up your guarantee seal with a promise. For example, one education company had a guarantee that if you don’t benefit from their marketing training and get results within 6 months of applying all their tips, they will refund you 10X your investment. Or you can promise that if the price of the product dropped in the future, the customer would receive the difference.

And there you have it. Right now, before you forget, choose just ONE of the above methods and test it out – the keyword being to TEST.

Do this and you might increase sales before the day is over.

Do this every day for a week and watch your conversions increase.