The Affilify Workshop is a free 2-hour touring event that focuses on the affiliate marketing business model. The workshop is hosted by, an online education and business platform company based out of Dubai.

Silvia GalatiSilvia Galati started and now has a growing team. They have their own family of products and an affiliate platform that allows others to list their education products too.

Silvia is of Italian origin but now lives in Dubai with her husband, Fabio. She started her career in office administration and accounting. In 2015 she was introduced to affiliate marketing, and within two years became a super affiliate and one of the first European females to join the 7 figure club.

In early 2019 Silvia started Her vision is to create a training and affiliate network platform that solves all the obstacles she was facing when she first started her affiliate journey.

What Do They Teach At the Affilify Workshop?

At the Affilify Workshop, you’ll learn how to increase your income online as a newbie, influencer, blogger, contractor, or a business owner using the affiliate marketing business model. You’ll learn why selecting the right products and platforms can have a significant impact on your income. How to choose the right products and how to increase your revenue by tapping into High Ticket Affiliate Marketing.

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing and how to use it to increase your income online, then I would say the Affilify Workshop is for you. Even if you know a few things about affiliate marketing, I am sure you’ll learn new tips to boost your results.

The free workshops are around 2 hours and hosted by Silvia Galati and some of her growing team members. Since there might be several events happening each month, Silvia might not be at all of them. One of her trainers could host the workshop. The content is usually the same, but the trainer might be different.

What Makes Affilify Differnt?

The company and platform are unique. They provide training and an affiliate network at the same time using the “Earn While You Learn” model.

With the Earn While You Learn Model, you can practice what you learn right away and make an income. You don't need to have a business, website, or products of your own. As you get better and increase in knowledge, you can apply what you learn to any side or full-time business you decide to operate.

They also use the lifetime cookie system that allows affiliates to benefit from “High Ticket Affiliate Marketing” and increase the lifetime value of a customer.

Unlike Amazon and other affiliate networks that only pay you one time commissions on each sale, with Affilify, the customer is tied to you. So no matter what they decide to buy in the future from the platform, you'll still make an affiliate commission from buyers that were initially referred by you.

Affilify Workshop Review

Is The Affilify Workshop A Scam?

A scam is when someone sells you something and offers you nothing or something of lower value in return.

The Affilify Workshop is free to attend, so there is nothing to buy. On the contrary, when you attend you’ll get some bonus training materials to take home with you.

You can join the affiliate platform and promote any of the products even if you don’t own them. You can still benefit from the Life Time Cookie system even if you don’t buy anything.

As far as I know, that is the only company that does that. Other companies I was familiar with in the past had restrictions. You could only promote the products you owned. With, you don’t have to own any of them. You can sign up and benefit from the platform free of charge.

Will There Be Anything To Buy?

Yes, but you don’t have to buy anything. You can benefit from the free training and take advantage of the affiliate network without purchasing anything.

Anytime you attend a free event; you should expect that there will be something to buy. How else are the hosts going to pay for the seminar room rental, the event staff, and all the travel expenses?

Where Does The Affilify Workshop Take Place?

The workshops started in Dubai and Bangkok but have recently expanded to Australia, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and the United Kingdom. I heard that more places would be added soon. At the time of writing, I am not aware of any events in Canada or the United States.

Why Is The Affilify Workshop Free?

The Affilify Workshop is free because it is an introductory training program. It is a value-based marketing strategy where you provide value first and allow your ideal customer to sample what you have. If you like what you learn, there will be other more advanced training to choose from.

They are also looking for information product creators. So if you have your training product that fits the platform, niche categories, and demographics, you’ll be able to share your work on their platform. So its a WIN/WIN/WIN situation for affiliates, product creators and the Affilify company.

Final Verdict

I believe that the more you learn, the more you earn. If affiliate marketing is something you want to master, then you need to attend the workshop, especially if it’s in your area.

You’ll learn a tip or a few and take some bonus reports home that you can learn from. You’ll meet some like-minded people in your area. Your local connections will be more valuable as you build your personal and business support system.

If you can't attend this time then subscribe to the Free Affilify Daily Newsletter. You'll get daily tips via email and stay up to date on the company news.

Final note… have fun and only pick training and business options that fit your lifestyle vision and goals.