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Hwayda Kater is founder of Feeliix Media Inc., a marketing and creative services company helping businesses thrive online. She is also the author of the award winning book "Pajama Paydays: How To Make The Internet Work For You."

Affilify Workshop Review – Scam or Worth Attending?

The Affilify Workshop is a free 2-hour touring event that focuses on the affiliate marketing business model. The workshop is hosted by Affilify.com, an online education and business platform company based out of Dubai. Silvia Galati started Affilify.com and now has a growing team. They have their own family of [...]

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What You Need To Know About Affiliate Marketing

So you've heard about affiliate marketing or maybe you already tried dabbling with it. But if you're like 97% of wannabe affiliates, then chances are you still have no idea what it really is, how to add it to your income strategy or probably have no results to show for [...]

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From Impossible to Inevitable, How to Setup Your Business for Inevitable Growth

All businesses start small; that’s a fact. Do you know what determines whether your business will grow or stagnate? After studying the world’s fastest growing companies, Aaron Ross and Jason Lemkin share 7 key factors that will predict your results in their book From Impossible to Inevitable, How Hyper-Growth Companies [...]

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64-Year-Old University Professor, Lyn Slater Defies Age to Become an Accidental Icon in The Fashion World

It is common for many woman to feel out of class as age catches up. Weighing what is acceptable to wear becomes imperative when dressing up for various events. This isn’t the case with Professor Lyn Slater of Fordham University in New York. Lyn wants to feel good about what [...]

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How to Increase Your Income with The Star Factor

Do you ever wonder why some people build businesses and make more money faster than others? William Steidman, the author of ‘The Star Factor’ says that such people have the star factor. Before reading this article any further, spare a few minutes and watch the video below. Meet John Assaraf, [...]

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How to Become a Super Affiliate in 100 Days Using ClickFunnels

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to increase your income online. The business model is easy to learn and implement. Plus the startup and operational costs are among the lowest for an online business. The biggest obstacles new affiliate marketers face are: Learning how to setup their business [...]

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