On February 6, 2018, Chris Record announced the launch of his new company LifePreneur in partnership with Peter Sorenson.

With new changes comes either criticism or praise.

After meeting Chris personally and following his business journey for over two years, I choose the later.

Chris Record, Riding the Economic Wave

Chris Record started his entrepreneurial journey in direct sales with a company called Nouveau Riche that specialized in Real Estate Investment training. As the real estate market took a hit, Chris shifted his attention to online marketing, skills that will allow him to excel in any business.

Most businesses are migrating online, and the best way to increase sales in any business is to master online marketing skills. And that’s what he did.

By offering his services and promoting affiliate marketing products, Chris Record began to build traction in the industry. Soon he realized his knack for teaching others. His training style is authentic, on point and entertaining. That’s what attracts many young budding entrepreneurs to his online training programs, live events and masterminds.

Using the “Learn, Implement and Teach” formula, Chris developed a variety of online business and online marketing training programs to help others achieve similar results. That’s when Chris Record made a name for himself in the digital marketing niche. He is also famous for creating the Dark Posts Profits Facebook Marketing course. Dark posts refer to posts that can only be seen through advertising as opposed to Facebook timeline posts.

When Partnerships Don’t Work

In 2016, Chris reconnected with Jim Piccolo, one of the founding members of Nouveau Riche, a company that Chris represented during his early direct sales days. Together they formed a training company called Tecademics.

Chris was the face of the company offering most of the training programs, while Jim was focused on business setup and operations.

Through Chris, I learned how to setup my Shopify eCommerce store and how to use the “Print on Demand” business model.

I was amazed at how hard Chris worked to deliver many of the training products under the Tecademics umbrella. I watched him weekly on Facebook and YouTube offer a tremendous amount of valuable training on eCommerce and Facebook advertising. He was truly going out of his way to find a solution for newbies to build and grow an online business even if they had limited funds.

It was not about providing generic business education. It was about seeing his students achieve massive and quick results with their eCommerce business. That's why his teaching style attracted a younger demographic that prefers to learn through application rather than acquiring academic credentials.

This vision was not in line with his business partner Jim Piccolo who wanted to focus on building a larger scale eLearning platform that delivered traditional classroom style education.

Dealing with Growing Pains

Like many businesses, Tecademics had to face some growing pains. The company was growing at a fast pace by hiring too many staff and renting out large office spaces and training facilities.

In mid 2017, a private equity firm decided to invest in Tecademics and take the company in a new direction.

The new Tecademics wants to focus on traditional classroom style and live streaming education. Chris Record wants to focus on education that teaches practical and hands on online business applications.

That’s when Chris Record and Tecademics parted ways. They are both on good terms and realize that they are catering to different demographics. There is room in the market for both parties. They both provide value in different ways.

UPDATE: At last glance, the Tecademics website seemed to be offering shared office space. A press release from Febraury 2018 shows that Tecademics sold it's training assets to a company called IQUP.com.

Adjusting Plans to Fit Market Needs

During his time at Tecademcis, Chris Record was focusing his training programs on the “Drop Shipping” business model as that was an attractive setup for many of his followers.

With drop shipping you don’t have to invest in product inventory. All you have to do is list the products on your store even if you don't own them. When someone makes a purchase at retail price, you can go and buy the product at wholesale and ship it to them. Once the store setup is complete, the focus shifts on learning online marketing skills to drive traffic to these stores.

Many of Chris’s students demonstrated how easy it was for them to create a 6-figure business using that model. Even Chris used that model to show how he too was creating an additional source of income by selling physical products online.

It was a genius idea. It still is. The startup cost is low, which makes it an attractive model for newbies. But due to international shipping and financial tracking complexities, some students were facing unique challenges. A new solution was needed.

The Birth of LifePreneur

To address the new challenges, Chris Record is now focusing on helping his students create a business that generates multiple streams of income without any shipping or financial complexities that arise with international businesses dealing with physical products.

LifePreneur By Chris RecordThe first part of the business is to learn internet marketing skills. Because with internet marketing you can excel no matter what business model you choose to operate.

Second part is to monetize your skills by offering services to other businesses. As more businesses migrate online, they need more help creating and implementing marketing campaigns. If you have the skills to help them, you can create a marketing services business that is in high demand.

Third part is to monetize using the affiliate marketing model. There are literally thousands of products you can represent as an affiliate that allow you to earn a commission by promoting other people’s products and services. With affiliate marketing, you don’t have to worry about payment processing, shipping and handling or customer support. Its the ideal business model to create passive and residual income with the least effort on your part.

This is a more practical income model that more students will be able to implement and benefit from. It’s also a setup that allows you to create a lifestyle business with multiple streams of income rather than one. It’s no longer about drop shipping which is a trend, it’s about mastering skills that will allow you to excel in any online business of your choice.

Who is LifePreneur for?

Overall LifePreneur is a hands on training that will appeal to action takers who like to learn quickly and implement right away. Its about creating a business that supports your lifestyle goals, allows you to scale your income and help others at the same time.

What's Included in LifePreneur

With LifePreneur you get assess to:

  • The LifePreneur Vault: With the vault you get access to hundreds of hours of video training on Facebook advertising, affiliate marketing, Shopify eCommerce store setup and operations, drop-shipping, Social media marketing, and replays of many of Chris's previous training events.
  • Digital Agency Builders Program: Get access to step-by-step tutorials teaching you how to build your own profitable digital marketing agency. This program includes training and practical tools to help you start and operate your own digital agency.
  • Private Mastermind: Attend a 1 day private mastermind event with Chris Record where you can meet, learn and mingle with other entrepreneurs building an online business. This package includes recordings of all previous masterminds as of February 2018.
  • Affiliate Program: Increase your income by promoting online training products you have tested and enjoyed. Create residual with marketing automation tools and services as you help your clients with their marketing needs.

Earn While You Learn Setup

As you learn and improve your skills, you too have the option to promote the same training programs for a commission. If you enjoyed them and they benefited you, why not spread the word and create an additional source of income by recommending them to others.

No, you don’t have to promote them to your friends and family. Using your online marketing skills, you will be able to reach the masses through various online channels and social media advertising.

If creating a service based business focused on online marketing and affiliate marketing is on your agenda, then you can benefit from Chris Record's new training program LifePreneur.

The best training program for you is the one you will enjoy.


Chris Record is truly a success story of how to ride the wave and adapt your business and marketing strategies to fit new market needs. He is also a success story of providing massive value in the marketplace and focusing on helping others first.

As the market changes and new platforms are introduced, don’t be surprised if Chris adjusts his training programs again.

To survive, you must be able to see the changes, acknowledge that you need a change of plan and adjust.

What will you make of Chris’s story? Will you use it as an excuse as to why you cannot start a business, or will you use his story as an inspiration of how to adapt and create multiple streams of income no matter what shift the market takes?

I love this quote by T. Harv Eker. It says: “Every master was once a disaster.

If you want to be a master in your area of expertise, you need to keep learning. Be willing to take risks and learn to adapt and adjust at short notice. You need to acknowledge that when you are new, you will make mistakes. But to be successful, you must be willing to learn, implement and always adapt to new market needs.

WATCH THIS WEBINAR to learn more about Chris's new company, and how you can build a Digital Agency that generates multiple streams of income.

NOTE: This blog post is based on my personal opinion, research and understanding of the subject matter at the time of writing. The content might be updated from time to time to reflect any new insights I might encounter. View this post as personal opinion that is subject to change. Please conduct your own research before reaching any conclusions or making any education, business or investment decisions.