If you are a Facebook user and happen to join some of the private business and marketing groups, then prepare to be spammed with solicitation messages from the new Facebook door to door salesmen.

Facebook door to door salesmen are thriving…

With a tough job market, more people are exploring the options of having their own home or online business.

With the increase of interest, more Facebook pages and Facebook private groups are being created specifically for this new demographic.

Joining private groups and following successful online business owners on social media is a great way to immerse yourself with daily training. It is also a great way to network with other like minded people who are on the same journey as you.

On the downside, you will now become a target for the new Facebook door to door salesmen. These are service providers, network marketers and affiliate marketers who are prompting their programs, training, coaching and traffic services by messaging random people on Facebook.

How To Tell Who Is A Trusted Vendor

Most trusted vendors are too busy running their business and making money.

They value their time and will not waste it scouting out profiles of strangers so they can have a chat and figure out who is interested.

They use automated online marketing systems and paid advertising to attract the right clients. Their ads are designed to attract clients who are interested in what they have to offer.

On the other hand, newbies who have not made any money yet and are still trying to put their foot in the door will try to do the work manually. They will start visiting forums and private groups to meet and network with potential leads.

Facebook Door To Door Salesmen Strategies

The new Facebook door to door Salesmen, will start sending friend requests to people they have never met, just because they belong to a certain group.

They will also start sending private messages to people in private groups inviting them to their free webinar or offer coaching and traffic services.

Ironically, they don’t even know how to run their own business or have any consistent income yet, but they want to coach others.

I was invited to such a webinar. The person that invited me spent over an hour demonstrating how she goes from profile to profile and sends private messages to random people on Facebook.

She would join Facebook groups and look for people who make comments that they are new and need help. Then she will send private messages to these unsuspecting newbies and offer her training program on how to get leads.

Yes, you guessed right.

Her training is how to go from profile to profile and send private messages selling various offers, event tickets and coaching services.

Everyone Wants To Be A Coach

I also get massages about coaching services.

One message from a young lady stands out. She sent me a private message asking what I do for work and if I would be interested in her coaching services.

She did not even bother to read my profile which had all the links to my various websites and businesses to know that I have a business and marketing consulting company and have over 25 years’ experience in the industry already.

Looks like she needs my coaching services instead.

That’s how you tell a newbie from someone who has been in business for a while.

A seasoned business coach will not have time to go from profile to profile pitching their services to random people. A top business coach will also be very picky with who they accept as clients.

So Much Traffic But They Have No Results

Another type of solicitation massages you will get is that from traffic service providers.

There are many online traffic brokers who sell clicks for a business and they get a commission if you buy traffic through them.

Typically, they will send you a friend request and say, “I noticed you are in such and such business and wondering how your results are? Do you want quality traffic sent to your websites? My traffic is clean and new and I guarantee great results.

With so many fake accounts and so many people in the home business niche, finding traffic that is new and clean and ready to buy is easier said than done. If their traffic is so good, then why are they selling it? Why are they not building a relationship with that list and selling them products themselves?

Because they make more money selling the same traffic over and over again to hundreds of people instead.

On many occasions these traffic brokers will sell traffic that they never deliver.

Before buying any traffic services from anyone, make sure to research them and see how many years they have been in business and what kind of testimonials they have.

My recommendation would be to start by advertising directly on Facebook, Twitter, Bing and Google first.

Once you know what you are doing, you can start exploring solo ad vendors. Solo ad vendors specialize in sending traffic to your website and offer pages using their existing contact lists.

Professional solo ad vendors are busy and already have many orders lined up. They are not likely to reach out to you personally on Facebook. If you get a private message about traffic services, it is most likely from a middleman selling someone else's traffic.

Dealing With Fake Accounts

There are many newbies with good intentions who are trying to put their foot in the door. So, I commend them for at least taking action based on what they know from the offline world… going door to door.

The issue becomes more serious when you encounter a fake account. There are seasoned network marketers, affiliate marketers and traffic brokers who open multiple fake Facebook accounts so they can sell products and services anonymously.

My guess is they prefer to stay anonymous because they don’t believe in what they are selling. Or maybe a fake account allows them to strategically send spam emails with no consequences to their personal profile.

If Facebook suspects that you are using your account to send spam, they will shut down your account. Having multiple fake accounts allows spammers to experiment and push the boundaries with minimal consequences. If their fake account gets flagged or shut down, so what? They will open another one.

It gets even more malicious when the fake accounts start acting like top earners and posting false income statements and business results to lure unsuspecting newbies.

How To Protect Yourself

To protect yourself from falling into the hands of spammers and scammers:

  1. Only accept friend requests from people you know personally
  2. When you receive anonymous messages from people you don't know, make sure to click on their profile and see who they are before responding.
  3. Make sure to research that person on multiple platforms and google their name to see what others have said about them before you buy any of their products, training coaching or traffic services.

Remember, top earners and industry leaders are busy running their businesses and making money. They will never send random emails to people they have never met. Their time is much more valuable than that.

To get faster results with your business, focus on learning skills that help you generate leads on auto pilot.

Spend 20% learning and 80% implementing what you learn.

Use Facebook groups to ask questions. Those who truly want to help you will respond in the group chats. Those who want to sell you something will send you a private message.