FOCUS: Mastering gimmicks leads nowhere. Mastering the fundamentals leads to insane wealth.

In a changing market, it can sometimes seem overwhelming and hard to focus. There is so much to learn and do to get any tangible results.

I feel that way sometimes.

That is why I LOVED this tip from Sam Ovens this week.


Sam is still in his twenties but already runs a thriving consulting business and now trains others on how to do the same.

Here’s what he said…

Mastery comes from focusing on the things that WON'T change. It doesn't come from the latest gimmicks, fads or flavors of the month.

The world is constantly changing, industries are constantly being disrupted and new technology is being propagated at an alarming rate…

This constant state of change confuses people and distracts them from the bedrock principles that NEVER change.

True masters in business focus on what won’t change. Because what's the point in learning something if it's going to be outdated and useless in a week or a year?

Do you know what the fundamentals are in your field?

Get clarity

One of the best ways to stay focused is to get clear on what you want to achieve and why you want it. When you have clear goals and a reason why you want them, how you get them will get easier.

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