What Systems and Processes do you use?

As you start and continue on your business journey you’ll be faced with many decisions that involve your business operations. You can create everything from scratch or you can use existing systems and processes to get the job done faster.

Doing everything from scratch will take up a lot of your time, but using systems, tools and processes that have already been created will cost you more money.

This is where you have to assess your circumstances and make a personal decision.

In the short-term it might seem like a great idea to save money and do everything yourself from scratch, but as you progress in business knowledge and expertise you’ll quickly realize that it’s much more efficient and easier to scale your income if you don’t waste your time and instead choose out-of-the-box solutions and done-for-you services.

Web Pages and Other Marketing Assets

For example, I can design and code webpages myself using various programing languages and tools but for the sake of saving time, I now rely on services like LeadPages and ClickFunnels to create fast and quick marketing pages and sales funnels.

They have already done the work and testing and know what page layouts convert better. Using customization tools I can change the fonts, colors and images on the page so they look different from others. I know that at any given time they’re spending the time, energy and money to improve the platform and make my job easier.

In addition to saving me time, I now can create pages that I can easily share with my students who are using the same platform—saving them time and helping them achieve faster results with their business.

Outsourcing To The Right Vendors

Another example is web hosting. I initially started out like everyone with a simple web-hosting plan that cost around $149 a year. It served its purpose for a while but as I had more websites, I needed to migrate to a dedicated shared server. My sites were becoming slow and the web hosting company told me that the only way to increase speed is to get my own dedicated server or a partial server. Following their advice, I migrated to a more expensive plan and got the shared dedicated server for around $500 a year.

Now all my sites were in one location and I had full control over the server setup. What they did not tell me is that now I pay more for the server space but have zero support. It was now my responsibility to keep the server going, secure and in good shape, meaning if for any reason the server and my websites shut down, I had to log in and figure out what went wrong; whereas with standard web hosting, the company is responsible for ensuring that the servers are up and running properly.

As I have zero knowledge in how to manage a web server, it wasn’t long before some hackers were able to log in and plant a virus on my sites sending out spam emails from my email accounts without my knowledge. I only found out when some random people started emailing back saying why are you sending me spam emails?

I quickly hired a contractor to clean out the sites and manage the server for a while, until I realized that this was getting too costly. Plus, what if the server goes down and he happened to be sleeping or on vacation at that time; who would log in to fix it? Working with a company that provided this service was a better investment for my money given the small size of my business.

After doing some research I landed on a company called W.P. Engine. They specialize in hosting WordPress websites and guarantee site security, updates, automated daily backups and will fix any virus issues should they occur. Unlike other hosting plans, they also provide a staging environment where I can create a test website, make updates and only push to the live site when everything has been tested and is working fine. As a bonus, the site loading speed is exceptional compared to other hosting plans I used in the past.

Now I pay $1,200 a year for web hosting. Is it worth it? I think so. They’re saving me a tremendous amount of time on setup, security, updates and backups, plus I am sure my site visitors appreciate the faster page loading speed.

Other Business Areas

This can also apply to other areas in your company, like accounting and financial tracking, backup systems, sales, customer support and more.

For example, one of the companies that I promote offers sales support and coaching. If I had to spend time doing all this on my own, I would not be able to scale as fast or serve my clients as efficiently. By using their dedicated support, coaching and sales team, I can scale much faster and have more time to spend my days more efficiently. In return, they take a portion of my sales commission, but only when a sales takes place.

So it’s a WIN-WIN-WIN for all parties. I save time, my customers get professional support and the company makes more money to invest and improve their services.


This article was take from Pajama Paydays | How To Make The Internet Work For You