It is common for many woman to feel out of class as age catches up. Weighing what is acceptable to wear becomes imperative when dressing up for various events. This isn’t the case with Professor Lyn Slater of Fordham University in New York. Lyn wants to feel good about what she wears no matter what the fashion world thinks about her style.

Here is a short video about the incident that led her to become an accidental icon in the fashion world.

Fashion Doesn’t Define Lyn Slater, She Defies It

At Fordham University, Lyn Slater is known to be a tough professor, a holder of a PhD in Social Welfare. Despite her current life in the fashion world, Lyn keeps her day job and is proud about it. She is all that you can expect in a professor; no smile and nothing to apologize about. That makes her a one-of-a-kind model.

Lyn Slater began her blog with the aim of addressing a niche she felt had been ignored in the fashion world. Though there were several blogs focusing on fashion for women of age, she felt something was missing. There was no particular blog that catered for the needs of smart, creative and fashion forward women. She also noticed that with age, women tended to fade out of the fashion world.

While taking design and technology courses at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York the push began. She held up her love for Japanese design and looked great in it. Her classmates encouraged her to put up a blog on fashion. She was definitely the fashionable one; the one who would bridge the divide between age and fashion.

Mistaken into The Lime Light

On her way to meet a friend for lunch during the New York Fashion Week, Lyn found herself surrounded by local journalists. Then the party grew bigger as journalist from Japan joined the photo party. Reason? She wore a Yohji Yamamoto suit and carried a Channel bag.

Surely, she must have been a celebrity! Or not. She was just minding her own fashion business, being her interesting self and living her ordinary life. That wasn’t illegal, was it?

Well, when her friend came to the scene, she couldn’t help but exclaim, “Oh look at this. An accidental icon.” That marked the official birth of her blog – Accidental Icon. There was no stopping, the fashion blog came to life and as they say, the rest is history.

Birth of A Side Hustle for Lyn Slater

When a blog is born as a hobby, does it ever mature to become an extra source of income? Some do, some don’t.

But for Lyn Slater, what started as a hobby became a second career. Though she doesn’t allow any advertisements, her blog has a huge audience. Her love for the ‘rebellious’ fashion is infectious. Through it, she openly rejects that there is a way one must dress to make a difference in life.

With a sober declaration, “Age is not a variable”, Lyn has attracted over 600,000 followers on Instagram. Her posts connect her with thousands of young creatives between the ages of 18 to 35. She attracts the kind of audience fashion houses want to connect with.

On Facebook, Lyn’s page has a following of over 110,000. She is quite active on social media and doesn’t disappoint her audience. That makes her a legitimate fashion influencer.

With such a large online command, Lyn has seen fashion companies seeking a long-lasting business relationships with her. This is an upgrade from her involvement at book signing events such as ‘Not My Age’ and featuring fashion houses in her Instagram profile.

The self-made fashion model scooped an enviable modelling contract with Elite Models London. She also landed a great campaign with Mango. They celebrated her among others as authentic individuals. She grew from not finding a suitable fashion magazine to being on the cover of Grey Magazine, a biannual hardcover publication!

It’s Never Too Late to Stand Up and Stand Out

Everyone has an authentic side of life. But with so many trends to watch, you can get swamped with what you ought to be. Lyn Slater’s stand for the fashion she believes in is bearing fruit. At 64, Lyn is a fashion icon to behold. She refuses to flow with the trend and is now making money from it. Watch this video to follow up further.

Lyn is a great example of someone with the “Star Factor“. By following her passion, standing up to what she believes in and offering massive value in the marketplace, she has created a side income she can enjoy and stick to.

Lyn has created a side income that is in line with her lifestyle, personality, skill sets and interests, the key four ingredients

What about you? Where will your passion and ideas take you?