You have heard about it and have you have seen some case studies but the big question is, “What does it take to make money online?”

You probably have so many questions going through your head wondering:

  • How do I make money online?
  • What type of skills do I need?
  • How much do I have to work?
  • How much does it cost to start?
  • How do I know if this is legitimate?
  • And many more….

All good questions. And the good news, yes you can make money online and there are thousands of case studies to prove it. But there are a few things you need to know before you start.

Making Money Online House-Rules

Get educated

Have you noticed that most household items, electronics and other gadgets all come with an insert in a form for leaflet or small brochure.  They’re called ‘Manuals’.  Making money online has “How To” manuals too. Before settling on any method of making money online, study the manuals first. That will be in the form of books, online courses, live events and mentorship programs.

Instead of trying to figure things out on your own, invest in your education and learn what others have done before you. The market is always changing, which means you always have to be updating your skills. Are you willing to invest in yourself and improve your skills?

Work hard

There are lots of websites promising to help you earn millions of dollars online with a click of a button. But, let’s get this straight; if they are so easy, why isn’t everyone making money online?

To get results you need to first learn, then “practice” what you learn. Like anything else in life, to get results, you have to put in time and effort. That’s called work.

When you are still new and learning, it will feel like hard work. But hang in there! The more you practice the easier it gets. Are you willing to put in the work to get results? As the common saying goes… no pain, no gain.

Have fun

To succeed with any online income option, you need to enjoy it. Even though it may seem like hard work to start, remind yourself of the benefits. Making an income online gives you more time and location freedom. Which means you can work from anywhere you want, and whenever you want. Plus, making money online will save you a lot of time and money on commuting and transportation to and from an office job.

Working online allows you to tap into the international markets and access opportunities that may not be available in your country.

Focus on the benefits and stay positive; attitude is everything. If you focus on the positive all your hard work will seem like fun. And let me tell you… selling your first product online is a lot of fun, specially when you see the money come into your bank account.

You know what is even more fun? Getting repeat sales on autopilot.

To get more sales on autopilot, you need to master the art and science of ‘Online Marketing.” That's why I always recommend that you start your online income journey with affiliate marketing and pick products that allow you to earn while you learn.

Can You Make Money Online?

If you are willing to embrace the lifelong learning concept, work hard to practice what you learn, and have fun along the way, you can get results and you can make money online.

To learn more about your options of making money online, check out my book, Pajama Paydays: How To Make The Internet Work For You.