How to Work from Anywhere and Make Multiple Streams of Income Online

Pajama PaydaysStarting an Internet business can seem easier said than done.

That’s because a lot of people believe that to be successful online, they need to have their own products, goods and services.

I used to think that way when I first started. It took me over two years of trial and error before I figured out that I was making this journey a lot more complex than it needed to be.

Now I am an internet entrepreneur, author, speaker and trainer.

At a time when many people are turning to the internet to look for jobs, I am creating jobs.

And, let me tell you, that’s an amazing feeling.

But the best part is, I run my online business from anywhere I want.

I make my income by providing marketing services, selling products online, affiliate marketing and the licensing business model.

The thing is, a few short years ago, I had no idea this was even an option for me. I was enjoying my corporate career, until one day I got laid off. That’s when I started my own business and I have never looked back.

It was a bumpy ride at first. I was overwhelmed with the amount of information I had to go through and I made some costly mistakes that delayed my progress. Things only started to change when I found a mentor who explained my options to me in a simple and easy to understand way.

Now I see so many newbies struggling to figure out how to build and grow their online business.

That’s why I am very passionate about sharing the same principles that helped me.

That's why I wrote my book Pajama Paydays, How To Make The Internet Work For You.

Why Pajama Paydays?

Because almost 99% of people I meet in this industry want more time and location freedom. They are not looking for a complex business.

That's why in my book I walk you through all your options and help you pick the best option for you!

Know Your Online Business Options

Work From Anywhere FormulaIf you do a search online for the term “make money online” you’ll find a long list of blog posts, articles, books, e-books and video training programs listing hundreds of ways to make an income online. But when you take a closer look, you’ll find that eventually they all fall under four main categories:

Selling Services: Make money as an employee, freelance contractor or services-based business. This includes any projects that require active participation on your part.

Selling Products: Make money by selling products—either physical, digital or information products.

Affiliate (or Referral) Marketing: Make money by promoting other people’s products and services and growing your business by allowing affiliates to promote your products and services.

Licensing: Make money by selling other people’s products and services as if they were your own or allowing others to license your products, inventions and ideas so they can use, promote and sell them while you get royalty payments on each sale.

GET CLEAR on What You Want Before You Start

As you go through the book, exercises and FREE BONUS video training,  get more clarity on what you want and learn how to pick the right options for you. Because your best chance at success is by choosing something you will enjoy and can stick to long term.

So get clear on what you want, why you want it and how you will get there before you start!