Nas Daily is a big hit now. But it wasn't always this way.

When Nusseir Yassin, the viral videographer behind the Nas Daily video blog series pitched his vlogging concept to his family and friends, most of them thought it was a bad idea. But Nasseir was determined to bring that bad idea to life.

Walking Away From Comfort Into The Bad Idea Zone

Nas, as his friends fondly call him, was a Software Engineer at Venmo, a service of PayPal that enables their clients to send and make payments online. He earned $120,000 every year, an amount many software engineers around the world only dream of. But he had this terrible idea deep in his heart.

Sitting behind a desk all day addressing software problems wasn’t what Nas considered the best possible life. He felt that his life was wasting away. Bearing in mind that on average, in the USA, males only live up to 76 years, Nas was grieved. He turned 25 feeling like he hadn’t lived at all. He had spent the first 32% of his life already. Was that all that life had to offer?

Nuseir Yassin :: Nas Daily“I was just this 25 year old hairy kid who wanted to live the best possible life,” says Nas.

When was he supposed to begin living?

Nas ditched the lucrative job and went to form what today is considered one of the most viewed video series on Facebook, “Nas Daily”.

Was it his best idea?

Not according to his friends and family. They were sad for him at first. A Harvard University graduate who came to America to get the best of education, only to walk away from a great job?

You probably would have thought the same.

But Nas knew better. Armed with his camera and a drone, he began his Nas Daily journey. He shot his first video in New York City while preparing to travel to Africa where he would visit several countries before launching into the rest of the world.

His aim, to tell of the wonders that he came across. He trusted that his $20,000 cash savings would be adequate to help him travel as far as he could.

Today, what began as a 1-minute video only watched by a few friends and family has earned Nas over 5 million followers on Facebook and 110 million views worldwide. And that’s just the beginning.

The Nas Daily Dream

Nusseir Yassin’s dream is to have 1 million real friends and make $1 million by the time he turns 30. Is this possible?

Only time will tell. But at the rate at which his social circle is growing, he could realize this dream even before he turns 30!

Every day Nas spends 6 hours shooting videos and 3 hours editing the raw videos to come up with a 1-minute video. He then posts this video on Facebook for his hungry audience to savor.

Nas Rejects Norms

Nas seems to favor bad ideas and everything bad that comes with it. Unlike many people who share their videos online, he doesn’t share Nas Daily videos on YouTube for profit. He finds YouTube too oligarchy for his liking.

Isn’t that dangerous for his business?

Absolutely. By ignoring YouTube, Nas is limiting his reach and is missing out on millions of dollars that he could earn by allowing ads that come along on with YouTube. But that is where the problem is. Nas hates ads.

Despite having over 14k subscribers and 1.8 million views on YouTube from a few videos he has posted there, Nas won’t give in to YouTube’s dangling carrot. He uses it only for outreach but his whole focus is on Facebook. That’s why the 1-minute Nas Daily videos first show up on Facebook. In fact, you will only see the whole set of his work on Facebook and his website which feeds videos from his Facebook page.

Other than his hate for ads, Nas feels that his desire to connect with genuine friends can be fulfilled better with Facebook. Why? Because with Facebook, most of his friends and followers share their real photos and show their true names. That gives him the opportunity to relate with real people and not just some keyboard warriors. His focus has earned him a large social capital of real followers.

In this case, posting videos on Facebook only is working.

NOTE TO NAS (if you read this)… You have done well! Remember, ads are part of any healthy business. They allow you to reach more people. If you want your message to spread far and wide, use every platform possible. You can always disable ads on YouTube if you don't want to monetize your channel. More people need to see your videos and not everyone is on Facebook.

Don’t Shelve Your Bad Idea … It Could Turn Into a Great Business

You too have a bad idea, maybe even more than one. At the moment, you could be afraid to try them out.

What if they don't work out?

What would people say?

That's normal. Most of us are afraid of failure. It takes a great success story, like Nas to see what's possible. Its about setting rules and following them.

Before you give up on your ideas, here are some ground rules Nas has followed:

5 Golden Laws of Turning Your Bad Idea Into A Great Business

1. Have a Mission

When Nas began creating the Nas Daily 1-minute videos, he had one thing in mind, “to inspire more people to live their best life.” That’s it. Nas believes that by allowing people to peep into his life, they get inspired to follow suite.

It took him courage to leave his behind-the-desk lucrative job at Venmo where he felt he wasn’t living his best life to forming Nas Daily videos that are adored by many.

Find your mission, note it down and build your business around it. That way, even when you don’t feel like moving on, your mission will push you into action.

2. Get out of your comfort zone

While sitting behind your desk may earn you a worthwhile salary, would you say you are living the best possible life for you? Do you wish you could be elsewhere?

Nas travels around the world in pursuit of the best possible life. But that comes with some level of discomfort. In fact, he says that making videos is hard work, stress and lots of fights.

He has to deal with jet lag, language barrier and cultural differences. In return, he is living and documenting his dream life, one video at a time.

What about you? Are you too scared to make that one bold move out of your comfort zone into the world your heart desires?

3. Have your Dos and Don’ts on making money from your bad idea

Let’s be honest here, pursuing your passion costs, and most of the time, it costs a lot of money. That is why it is important to have a structure of how you intend to make money out of it.

Nas chose not to take the easy YouTube road and focus on Facebook instead. Note, he doesn’t make money directly by sharing his videos on Facebook because Facebook doesn’t pay users for posting their videos there. But Facebook gives you exposure beyond possible borders; an opportunity to build a huge tribe for yourself!

Nas understood that among his followers and viewers, some would be interested in his services. Just before the first birthday of Nas Daily, Nas had made $9k from training people to make great videos. That’s not all; $3.5k from commercials, over $27k making videos for 5 companies, over $3.1k in speaking engagements and $400 from selling his famous branded tshirt!

He is now working on a new App that allows users to create and discover new videos.

From time to time, he also enjoys free flights to various places and free nights in fancy hotels.

Your passion is your most viable business. What road will you take to make money from your passion?

Whatever you do, choose a path that has long-term benefits such as true relationships. That will keep your business afloat for a long time even after competitors have come your way.

4. Never stop learning

Regardless of how well you think you know how to do something, there is still room for improvement. But, you have to keep on learning. In his 233th Nas Daily video, Nas explains why he makes videos daily even when he doesn’t feel like it. He says it makes him a better video maker and story teller. He strives to make every video better than the last by evaluating what he did right or wrong in it.

By comparing his first ever video to his current one, you too will be able to see the difference. Nas’ expertise has increased in every video.
If you invest time on working on your humble passion every day, you will become a pro like Nas. The secret is, ‘Don’t stop learning and don't stop practicing.’

5. Share great opportunities with your audience

Besides sharing what you love with people, consider sharing tangible benefits with your audience.

Early this year, Nas invited 5 friends to Morocco to learn how to create great Facebook videos, for free! Why? Because he finds making videos for Facebook a long and lonely process. Many people begin this process but drop off somewhere along the way when they can’t figure out how to make money from it.

The Nas Daily project has reaped great benefits from Facebook viewership. Nas believes you should too.

In 2017 he was considering a partnership with a TV station to create a show around his world travels.

The formula always works… “Provide value and the money will come!”

Bad Ideas are everywhere… yours is in good company

Nas Daily isn’t the only bad idea that has turned into a business. As long as you are providing value and you are having fun along the way, your idea is more likely to stick.

The world’s best businesses are based on what many people once called bad ideas. While following your passion may be considered a very bad idea by those who feel that passions are for hobbies, you like Nas of Nas Daily can have your dream life doing what you love.

Are you now ready to put your bad idea into practice?