Are you struggling to fall in love with your 9 – 5 job?  You’re not alone. Surveys conducted by the research firm Gallup show that over two-thirds of workers in the United States are not thrilled with their current job. Other countries are not far behind. 27-year old travel blogger, Nathan Buchan also hated his day job. But today, he has a different story.

Having dropped out of school when he was almost 16, Nate, as he prefers to be called, found himself in between odd jobs. At first, he worked as a hardware shop attendant but following in his father’s footsteps, he got an internship opportunity as a plumber.

But deep down, Nate wanted to travel the world.

Unravelling the Secret

Nate hated the fact that he was trading time for money. There was no way for him to scale his income. It didn’t matter if he got there early or left late. The only incentive for getting to work early or on time was to land the better jobs. Arriving late meant he ended up with the jobs no one wanted, like unblocking a sewerage pump on his first day of work.

Things changed when he was introduced by a friend to a movie based on a book called The Secret. That’s when he began to view his life in a different perspective.

In the movie, great teachers, renowned entrepreneurs and speakers emphasized on something they termed as “the law of attraction”. With the law of attraction, you can attract what you want out of life.

That’s when Nate began to question his plumbing career and look for ways to apply the law of attraction to his life. At first it seemed hard to believe that the law of attraction can apply to him.

While walking through the mall one day, Nate’s eye caught the title of a book called The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss.

As the saying goes, “when the student is ready, the teacher will come.”

This was exactly what Nate needed help with. The book showed him the possibilities and how he too can escape the 9-5 world and surf the beaches of the world instead.

Big Break with Affiliate Marketing.

With the thought of online business taking shape in his mind, Nate knew his breakthrough would come if only he learned how to market other people’s products online.

With that plan in mind, Nate setup his personal website called featuring blogs on travel and lifestyle. His blogs would feature products he was using on his trip and link to resources where his followers could buy them.

He had been planning to travel to Vietnam with his partner Hannah for a long time. This was the perfect opportunity to test the viability of making money through blogging and affiliate marketing. As long as he had his laptop and access to the internet, Nate felt that he could make money during their travels.

But that’s now how the story turned out. Despite spending $300 on Facebook ads to promote the blog posts he had written during the trip, he made absolutely no money.

Nate wasn’t the type to give up. He returned home with a firm resolve to keep writing and researching the best ways to attract the right audience.

How Do You Go About Affiliate Marketing?

The beauty with affiliate marketing is you don’t need to invest in any inventory. Your only task is to promote products from companies that are willing to share a small portion of the profit they get from every sale you generate.

  1. Sign up with affiliate networks where you can find thousands of companies to represent. Some of the top affiliate networks include CJ Affiliates, JV ZOO and Clickbank.
  2. Choose specific products from each company you want to focus on.
  3. Get your unique affiliate links to your products of choice and start sharing them on your blog posts, websites and other online channels.
  4. Get paid a commission when someone makes a purchase using your affiliate links.

Your commissions will vary based on the type of products you decide to promote. In general, physical products pay out the least amount of commissions between 2 – 15%. That’s because every time a sale takes place the vendor has to manufacture more products to sell again.

Digital and information products pay much higher commissions sometimes between 10 – 90%. That’s because the vendor creates the product once and can sell it over and over again with limited duplication costs.

Nate started his journey with physical products that’s because he is catering to the travel and lifestyle industry. If you visit his store page on his blog, you will see that his focus is on cameras and travel accessories.

If Nate started to promote digital and information affiliate products related to his lifestyle, travels and business he could easily multiply his income.

Goodbye Plumbing, Hello Affiliate Marketing

Nate’s first commission came through after a few weeks of consistent posting of articles into his blog. He got a whopping $25 which might not seem much but more was on the way.

Two weeks later he made another $800 in one week. Since his plumbing job was only paying $600 a week, he saw no need of keeping the day job.

That breakthrough made him realize that if he only focused on the blogging and affiliate marketing, he would make more money. And much more he made!

Nate went on to sell every valuable item he didn’t need, dispose what wasn’t important in his room and pack what he needed in his backpack. With a one-way ticket to Miami, he quit his plumbing job and began his travel life.

Nate never looked back…

5 Reasons to Model Nathan Buchan's Online Business Strategy

1. Finding Work-Life Balance

It takes finding the perfect balance between your life passion and work to quit your 9-5 job. If you hate your current job, you’re probably lacking that balance.

2. Making More Money to Support Your Passion

Any work you decide to do needs to provide you with enough money to pursue what you love. Nate loves to travel and surf not write blogs. But blogging and being a social media influencer allow him to make money and enjoy his passions. If you are not making enough money right now, look for new business channels to increase your income.

3. Giving Back

You may have the desire to help people who are in need. However, your 9-5 job and current income might not allow you to help as much as you like. Look for ways to increase our income so you can help others. In 2017, Nate raised $10,000 for charity by driving for 3000km in a TukTuk (a three-wheeled motorized vehicle) through India. It brought him a lot of joy! Your work is worth doing if it allows you to experience the things that you desire to do.

4. Having Multiple Sources of Income

As you start increasing in business knowledge and income using new business channels, you’ll be viewed as an expert. That’s when many people will start seeking your advice and pay you for your expertise. You can get paid by providing consulting services or even creating your own training programs.

That’s what happened to Nate. As he wrote more compelling blog posts explaining how he was making money while travelling the world, people began hiring him to train them. After spending over $500k through Facebook’s marketing platform over the years with great success, he is now a pro and many companies pay him to help with their Facebook ads.  He also has a program called “Behind Closed Doors” which is an online community with tutorials. As the size of this community grows, Nate will be able to monetize it either with membership fees and/or advertising.

As you increase in knowledge and expertise, many new income opportunities will come our way.

5. Loving What You do

The lesson is clear here. If you want to make more money online like Nathan Buchan, you need to do what you love and find ways to make money with it.

Nate makes it clear that his business journey was not easy. But he loves the freedom and the opportunities that this setup provides. As a minimalist and a believer in spending money in experiences rather than material things, he is living his dream. Would you say the same about your current job?

What About You?

Nate’s success was not an overnight success story. He was persistent and focused on mastering skills that matter. He focused on marketing and how to become a Facebook marketing pro. With this skill he is able to marketing any product he likes using the affiliate marketing business model.

What about you? Maybe you already own a blog but you haven’t made any money yet. That doesn’t mean that you are off course. It means you need to provide more value with your content and you need to be more consistent. You also need to master marketing skills that allow you to grow your following.

At the time of writing this article, Nate had 214k followers on Facebook, 81k on Instagram and 4.3k subscribers on YouTube. This is his growing tribe of followers that he shares every post, video and photos with. They follow him and his advice because he is consistent.

You owe it to yourself to do the work you enjoy, make money from it and pursue your passion. That way, you will become the next happy worker.

If you are not sure what skills to start with or what programs to offer as an affiliate, I would recommend you start with information related to online marketing. Information products pay a high profit margin and allow you to earn while you learn.