Entrepreneurship can be a choice, but for many it happened by chance.

If you stumbled across entrepreneurship by chance, you are probably still not sure how to get your business going or how to deal with the endless challenges that keep coming up.

  • What do you offer?
  • How do you make that offer and collect money?
  • How do you deal with new platforms and technologies?
  • How do you get and keep new clients?
  • and more…

It seems like the perils of having a business never end.

No wonder most people opt for a job instead.

With a job you only have one thing to focus on… get the job done.

Then you keep your fingers crossed and hope you don’t get laid off, fired or your employer goes out of business.

Or so it seems.

You see, jobs are becoming more like a business.

With more college and university graduates entering the marketplace each year, outsourcing to oversees talent and the increase of artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace, you now have more competition to deal with.

Your job becomes like running a business, except you only have one client… your employer.

That’s a more risky position. Because if you lose that client, you have cut off your main source of income.

As you make the shift from employee to contractor and business owner, you have to constantly deal with the identity crisis.

And it’s not easy. I find myself in self-correcting mode on many days.

It comes down to…

Make a Choice

OPTION 1: Do nothing and pretend nothing is changing.

OPTION 2: Play the victim and the blaming game and point fingers at the traditional education system for teaching us to be employees.

OPTION 3: Get support and start making the shift now.

If you are still an employee, change your mindset and start treating your employer like a client.

Warning: Side effects include you might start liking your job more.

Next your mind will start to look for ways to find more clients. You start to see yourself as a “consultant” with many potential clients that need your expertise and talent.

Now you are starting to see opportunities everywhere instead of obstacles.

Your lack of desperation and increase of focus on the quality of your work attracts more clients to you.

You start to think of ways to increase your income with products and affiliate offers.

You start to see how you are in control.

But then you have your days of doubt and worry.

  • Did you make the right decision?
  • Is your company setup properly?
  • How do you deal with juggling tasks and so on…

And the cycle goes on.

One of the best ways to deal with this scenario is…

Get Support

Surround yourself by people on the same journey. Because if you continue to hang out with people who are playing the blaming game or who are in denial, you’ll get sucked back into their way of thinking.

Many of the courses and programs we recommend usually have a private Facebook group, forum or email support.

Check out our recommended training and business programs and pick the one that appeals to your desired income and lifestyle goals.