If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you’ll need to master different skills along the way…

When asked, most industry leaders will point you to the skills listed below or some form of variation.

The Top Skill for Beginners

Sell or Be SoldIf you’re a brand new entrepreneur—right from the very start— the number one most important skill to develop is sales.

Most people are afraid of selling, so they just don’t do it. And that’s why most people quit the business, because they never make any sales.

Selling is THE MOST important skill in business. And when you’re beginning as an entrepreneur, it’s vital for you to learn how to influence people. And learn how to sell.

I know what you’re thinking. Nope, sales is not for me.

Whether you like it or not, you’re in sales already. Every time you step out of your home and meet new people, a date, clients or potential employers, you’re selling yourself. The sooner you realize that, the easier the concept of selling will become for you.

The rules are simple.

People love themselves and are more interested to work with people who show them undivided attention by listening. Learn to ask questions and listen to what people are saying. In many cases you don’t have to do much else. Ask questions and help them find their own answers by talking it out.

It’s not about tricking or forcing people to buy something they don’t need. Its about helping people define their exact problem so they can find a solution. If you can describe your prospects’ problems better than they can, they’ll immediately assume you have a solution.

Learn how to sell!

The Top Skill for Veterans

Stay ResiliantYou will constantly face challenges along your journey, but you need to stick with your goals no matter what. That’s why resilience is one of the strongest traits you could possibly have.

There will be times when you think the problems will just never end, and that’s actually true—the problems will never end.

The problems will keep coming even when you start making the “big” money. So you need to develop broad shoulders to survive in business.

Even if you stick to a job, you will face problems and the ups and downs of the market. So you might as well be standing strong for something you are passionate about and something you believe in.

If you are going to work hard, you might as well be building your dream… not someone else's dream.

The Top Skill for Scaling Your Business

Always be PromotingThe most important skill you need to scale your business is being good at promoting your products.

The most successful business owners I've ever known are always promoting. They won’t go to bed at night unless they send an email to their email subscribers or social media followers. And that's how they make their millions… building relationships and always promoting to their followers.

Very few people will buy right away. You need to always be promoting so you can reach your followers at the time when they are ready to buy… not when you are ready to sell.

You are here to help your followers and clients understand why they need your solutions…. and you need to keep repeating that message.

Most business owners get bogged down with all the management activities, and they never scale. To free up your time, hire a staff to handle your office work, so you can maintain your primary role of promoting the products.

You can easily outsource many of your day to day activities to contractors on sites like upward.com, guru.com, freelancer.com or fiver.com. You don't have to do the day to day tasks.

But it's very important that you never lose the skill of being the main promoter of your company. When you are the main promoter, you’ll be able to scale your business further than you ever thought.

Become a sales expert, stay resilient and always be promoting!