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WiFi Millionaire Tips That will Accelerate Your Online Business Results

Get faster results by doing less and saying “NO!” more often… Insider’s tips from a WiFi Millionaire.

I just finished working on “WiFi Millionaire“, an eBook project for one of my clients Matt Lloyd.

Matt is the CEO and Founder of MOBE (My Own Business Education), an education company helping entrepreneurs build and grow their business.

Even though he just turned 30, Matt has accomplished more in business and in life than most people will ever do in a lifetime.

He has transformed himself from a farm boy to a multi-millionaire running multiple businesses thanks to his WiFi Millionaire strategies that he learned and implemented and now teaching others as part of the MOBE curriculum.

Why WiFi Millionaire

With WiFi Millionaires Matt Lloyd, Shaqir Hussyin and Chris Cobb (London December 2014)

Thanks to the internet anyone can now build and grow a multi-million dollar business online with only a computer and WiFi Internet connect, a reality that very few know about or fully understand.

By default, our education system conditions us to go to school, get a job and then have retirement as a goal. Most students end up spending years in colleges and universities learning outdated skills only to graduate with student debts and a job market that does not reward their efforts.

In contrast, we hear of young kids making millions of dollars out of their bedrooms by building an online business that they can operate from anywhere with a computer and internet connection. I have met many WiFi Millionaires in the past two years like Shaqir Hussyin and Chris Cobb from London, UK who have both generated millions of dollars online working right out of their home office.

What is it that these WiFi Millionaires know that the rest don’t?

That is precisely what Matt has captured in his new eBook “WiFi Millionaire”.

You can view my full review on this eBook on my site OnlineBIZ Express.

Simple Choices That Alter Results

Choosing MOBE as a client in mid 2014 was a strategic decision on my part. At the time, I had multiple clients with a heavy workload which left me little time to expand on my products and affiliate marketing business.

When I heard that Matt was looking for marketing assistance, I knew this would be my opportunity to learn from him while continuing with my services business.

Since 2014, I have been working with Matt and the MOBE team on a regular basis and got to see what goes on behind the scenes in terms of product development, content creation and business operations.

I have watched Matt take MOBE from a few million dollars in sales to over $150 million and now on target to double that in short period.

The drastic growth has been a result of many changes that Matt has implemented in his day to day activities as well as what projects his companies will focus on. Focusing on money making actives, saying no to unnecessary projects and activities made a huge impact.

It all comes down to focusing on one thing at a time and eliminating distractions and activities that create unnecessary work.

That is precisely how I was also able to expand my business and increase my revenue in the past two years all while handling client projects, writing a book, building an education platform and generating multiple streams of income with my affiliate promotions and product sales.

Accelerate Your Results

To accelerate your results, you too need to simplify your processes, eliminate unnecessary activities and learn to say “NO!” to items that will not help you reach your goals. That is why the eBook covers points like:

  • WiFi MillionaireHow to assess your online business options and choose what works for you.
  • How to focus on business activities that deliver faster results with productivity tools, productivity methods and gadgets
  • How to fund your business
  • How to choose a business setup that can save on taxes
  • How to get coaching and support
  • How to get faster results by using existing systems, processes and tools

This is a great read, well worth your time.

If you are serious about getting faster results online, make sure to get a copy!



February 12, 2017
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