Taking your business from Zero to over $100,000/month is not an easy task. But it can be done with the right training, coaching and mentorship.

No one is born as a business expert. Business knowledge and expertise come with time.

The best way to improve your skills is to learn from others who have built a successful business. But not any business. Choose trainers and mentors who have built a type of business you aspire to have.

But here’s the thing… as you go on this learning and implementing journey, you’ll soon realize that there is no one book, one course, one seminar or one mastermind that will cover all your needs.

Top entrepreneurs and successful business owners are lifelong learners. They are always learning how to improve their marketing so they can get more sales. All other skills can be outsourced!

So the BIG question now is… How do you know what training programs work best for you and which ones are more likely to take you from Zero to $100,000/month?

How I Pick My Training Programs and Mentors

I love this quote by best-selling author Darren Hardy which says:

“Never ask advice of someone with whom you wouldn’t want to trade places.”

I use this formula anytime I am purchasing a book, online training, seminar, mastermind or mentorship program. That’s why I have bought several of Chris Record’s training programs and masterminds and recommend them to my followers and students.

Over the years I have learned from many mentors and continue to do so. Each mentor helped me in a different way and taught me or reinforced certain principles for my business.

Chris’s lifestyle and business model of having multiple streams of income online appeal to me and fit my personal brand story. I like his training style, fast action and his passion for helping others succeed online.

That is why I continue to follow him and get his new training programs. That’s why I also recommend them to my followers and students who want a similar “lifestyle” business setup.

If you are looking to build a lifestyle business that allows you to enjoy more time and location freedom then some of Chris Record’s training programs might be a great fit for you.

But if you are looking to build the next Amazon.com or Facebook.com then you need to find other mentors who have built a similar business model.

You are in control. Pick training programs and mentors that help you achieve your business and income goals.

Mastering the Digital Agency Formula

DIGITAL AGENCY BUILDERSOne of the best tips I learned from Chris Record is operating my business under a digital agency “Umbrella”.

This agency setup has allowed me to change my services over time but keep my personal and business brand intact. I always promote myself and my services first and use affiliate marketing, products and licensing as side incomes.

I started my business in 2013 offering more generic marketing and design services related to print and web applications. Over the years I realized that most of my clients need more help creating their signature message. A signature message could be a webinar, eBook, book, keynote presentation or training program. The signature message conveys what you stand for in the marketplace and what makes you different from other vendors with similar services.

Since I operate my business under an agency umbrella, I am able to change my offers and pricing and increase my income with outsourcing and referral marketing.

This is the perfect setup for someone like me who prefers to have a lifestyle business with more time and location freedom.

With the new Digital Agency Builders program from Chris Record and his team, I have access to very specific training related to my business model.

What About You?

One of the best ways to learn is find trainers and mentors that you resonate with and would like to hang out with.

Below are some tips I learned this week by watching one of of the training videos in my training back office. It was a Q&A video sharing tips on how to scale your business to over $100,000/month. Watching this training allowed me to pinpoint areas that were still holding me back like:

Business Setup

  • Pick a business model that fits the lifestyle you want for yourself.
  • Operate as an agency so you can easily modify your services and products.
  • Avoid using a location for your business name. Doing so can be limiting and will hurt your business if you decide to move or change markets in the future. Use advertising to reach specific locations but keep your business name more generic and something that can appeal to an international market.

Content Creation

  • Quantity is better than quality. Stop at 80%. The majority of time wasted on any project is in the final touches. Save time and release your content as soon as possible. It will never be perfect.
  • Plan out your training and marketing content ahead of time so you can batch record the intros and endings in one day. That would be you speaking on camera. Then you can film the main content separately. That would be the slides and screen capture content.


  • Compare various online marketing platforms to see which one is delivering better return on investment.
  • Pick social platforms that cater to your audience.
  • Find organizations and publications that cater to your preferred demographics and place ads there. Or you can sponsor some of their activities and events.


  • Change your belief systems and think of what is possible. When you focus on possibilities you are more likely to find solutions that if you focus on what could go wrong.
  • Having an entrepreneurial mindset can allow you to tap into the international markets by providing translated copies of existing training programs. For example you can translate a program to Spanish and market it as a bonus to Spanish speakers if they buy the English version from you.

One of the best ways to get results as a newbie is to pick training products that allow you to earn while you learn.

That’s why I always recommend information and training products related to marketing to all my followers and students. Once you know what you are doing, you can expand your reach.

When you login to your training back office you’ll also find recent recordings of marketing masterminds featuring guest speakers like:

  • Jaiden Gross: Jaiden shared tips on how he scaled his agency to 6-figures and has quickly risen to become one of the top millennial trainers in his industry!
  • Billy Gene: Billy Gene runs one of the most successful digital advertising agencies in San Diego and will teach you how he generates leads for his clients and scales his ad campaigns!
  • Cort W. Christie: Cort is the founder of NCH, the #1 firm in Nevada that assists entrepreneurs to have the structures and strategies to protect their assets & pay less taxes!
  • Maxwell Finn: Maxwell is one of the top Facebook Advertising Experts in the Country. He’s the Founder & CEO of Facebook Advertising IQ helping entrepreneurs get more traffic, leads & sales for their businesses.
  • Darrell Evans: Darrell runs a Digital Agency which has helped companies increase their advertising ROI by as much as 1333% and has helped his clients generate combined revenues in excess of $100 million dollars!
  • Vince Reed: Vince is a master at the art and science of Paid Traffic… and specifically what it takes to get targeted, high quality traffic that converts into leads & sales!

Imagine having access to all this information and gain the skills to operate like an agency. Imagine having the skills to create multiple streams of income with affiliate marketing, eCommerce, drop-shipping and licensing.

To get faster results and go from zero to $100,000/month, you need to surround yourself by people who already are delivering results. You need to find training programs and mentors that help you build an online business model you can succeed with!

The best training programs for you are the ones you will enjoy.

I am still not at the $100,000/month but I love to learn from and hang out with mentors who are.

No one can guarantee your income or results. The only guarantee you have is the dedication and determination you give yourself. Having a structured training program with a trainer that resonates with you, a supportive community and resources to help you focus on one business model at a time will make it easier. But you still have to put in the time, effort and resources to build your personal business foundation.

If you are ready for fast action and results this year and want to build a digital agency in a “Earn while you learn” format, then check out the new Digital Agency Builders Program and see if it is the right fit for you.